Meet the team


Richard has over 10 years experience as a developer in loads of different languages. He’s built apps and websites for a range of clients including investment banks and start-ups. After not being able to see a suitable course online for his brother to learn to code, Richard built his own, combining only the most effective training materials he could find.


Shehzad has over 10 years experience in education tech. He's our head business development and sales, helping to onboard schools, universities and government entities.


John started learning in 2015, and was the first person to undertake the course. Since then he’s learnt C# and Go and is building great apps.


Alex started learning in 2017. He’s since built a ton of great websites, a Facebook Messenger chat bot and deployed some ‘smart contracts’ for Ethereum.


Dan started learning in 2017 and is now working on commercial apps and websites.


Gillian has recently finished the course, she’s built some good portfolio pieces and is transitioning to real projects very soon.